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Episode 110 “Souper Reviews – The Italian Job”

It’s been a while but we are back with a slightly tweaked formula for our monthly movie review installment called Souper Reviews with a re-watch of The Italian Job! Of course we’ve got a couple quick news items to touch on AND we’re crowning our Best Batman Film in our #BestBatFilmDebate Geek Off!

The End Of The Wii Shop… Forever!

As of January 31st you’ll no longer have access to the Wii Shop as Nintendo has announced they are locking the doors and shutting down access for Wii users

Is Anthem Getting The Fallout 76 treatment

After a rocky start to a VIP demo weekend that was hit with multiple issues, login problems, load screen lockups, and dropped connections to servers, it seems many people are already deciding that Anthem might be a bust like Fallout 76. Full disclosure – while not perfect we actually are enjoying our time in Fallout 76 thank you very much. But with so much social media hate coming Anthem’s way, could it be enough to sink it before it even hits open Beta phase? Log in this weekend for a free to play public demo/beta weekend if you want to see for yourself.

Starship Troopers Possibly Getting A TV Series To Go With New Movie

While the upcoming reboot of the late 90’s space bug movie will not feature the original cast, it appears a new TV series COULD be in the works to reunite the original cast in an all new episodic adventure to space exterminator land.

Souper Reviews – “The Italian Job”

After being betrayed and left for dead in Italy, Charlie Croker and his team plan an elaborate gold heist against their former ally.

2003 Rated PG – 13


Mark Wahlberg … Charlie Croker
Charlize Theron … Stella Bridger
Donald Sutherland … John Bridger
Jason Statham … Handsome Rob
Seth Green … Lyle
Yasiin Bey … Left Ear (as Mos Def)
Edward Norton … Steve

Written By

Troy Kennedy-Martin … (1969 screenplay)
Donna Powers … (screenplay)
Wayne Powers … (screenplay)

Directed By

F. Gary Gray (Set it Off/ The Italian Job / The Negotiator)

Jason: 4
Adam: 4.5
Dave 4.5
For an average score of 4.333 so we say Serve it up!

Geek Off:

The Batman Champion will be crowned!

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This Week’s Track – “Trool” by Semmelweis Relex

Semmelweis Reflex is a five piece progressive metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. Their debut album “Remnants” was released back in 2016. The band was geographically separated for more than a year after the release since different members had to pursue different interests but we are once again living in Stockholm and are working on a new album.

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