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Episode 111 “The Gonna Geek Invasion”

With Jason and Adam away Dave and Chris decide to play. Apple lays the smackdown on Facebook and Google, Dave talks about how he thinks Steve Buscemi is way hotter than Jennifer Lawrence, Epic takes on Steam and what is going on in Canada with the keyfobs?

Apple And Facebook Are Squaring Off!

Due to Facebook’s misuse of Apples program for internal app distribution via an app that tracks teenage customers for “research”, Apple has shut down Facebooks ability to distribute internal iOS Apps. Now the battle heats up because Apple has been very critical of Facebooks actions since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and if push comes to shove Apple could simply boot Facebook and all of it’s associated apps(ie. Instagram) off of the iOS platform all together. Not to overlook the fact that Facebook was actively tracking teens for some unspecified research. Not to be outdone, it appears that Google also said “hold my beer” and has been doing almost the same thing as seen in this article from TechCrunch

Steve Buscemi & Jennifer Lawrence DeepFake Video

This video itself is at once fascinating and terribly creepy. The DeepFake tech is getting really good and really easy to accomplish by anyone. What impact do we think this will have going forward?

Epic Battle Rages Between Steam And The Epic Game Store

For the first time a company has been able to really take a swing at knocking Steam off of it’s top spot in the world of PC gaming. Now, with another exclusive title getting yanked from Steam it seems the gloves are finally coming off. Metro Exodus was previously listed for pre-order on Steam. That is until Epic Game Store managed to sign Metro Exodus to an exclusive deal and suddenly forced Steam to pull the game off it’s virtual shelves. Competition is usually a good thing, but is this battle going to leave PC gamers crushed as nothing more than collateral damage in the end?

Why are key FOBs and Cars not working in Canada?

In a town called Carstairs in Alberta, there is a major mystery taking place as the town of around 4000 people seem to have a car killing grocery store. No one knows what is causing the problems at the Westview Co-Op grocery store, but now the Canadian Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development are involved and hoping to solve this mystery. What would be causing people to park at the store only to find their key fobs and cars won’t work anymore?

Geek Off:

Dave & Chris Discuss The Batman Geek-Off Results.

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This Week’s Track – “Fake Royalty” by Bring On The Night

This Manchester UK band is an electro-rock duo consisting of twin brothers Joe and Alex. Bring On The Night formed in 2018 as an exercise in learning to re-kindle their love for making music and pushing themselves into writing for genres outside their comfort zone. Their debut single ‘Hurts at Hello’ has already amassed over 18,000 streams on Spotify and their follow-up “Fake Royalty” is set to mimic those numbers.

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