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Episode 112 “Sci-Fi Research and Roof Pickles “

This week the guys are back in full force, bringing you news on Libre Office, Ad-Blocking, and some awesome sounding Sci-Fi-ish research that has been taking place by the government!

Libre Office 6.2.0 Is Out … Micro-Who?

With Libre Office 6.2.0 the last remaining hold out for Libre Office to be the Microsoft Office killer has now come out … the Ribbon. For years Libre Office has been a very good alternative to Microsoft’s expensive office suite but it’s interface was ripped straight from Office 2003. This suite is completely free, 100% compatible with Microsoft Office and now looks great too!

The Ban Stick Wacks Ad Blocking Spotify Users!

Hate ads? Well don’t block them if you use Spotify or you might find yourself with no access to your account. With an update to Spotify’s EUA if you try to block ads in Spotify they will terminate your account. Good thing the networks couldn’t monitor us changing channels during commercials in the 80s!

Did You Know? The Pentagon Spent $22M To Research Sci-Fi Theories?

In a recent report it has been made known that from 2007 to 2012 the government researched everything from traversable wormholes and stargates to invisibility cloaks and psychic teleportation. Hint-Scientists at Northwestern University may be close to developing a real life version of every geeks desireā€¦ a working invisibility cloak.

Is The Nintendo Switch Mini Coming Out This Year?

The rumors have been flying lately about a smaller, completely portable version of the Switch possibly releasing this year. Since there hasn’t been an official announcement yet we at digitalSoup want to break it down and discuss if we even need a completely portable Switch.

Geek Off:

Adam Brings Some MadLibs Fun!

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Snatch the Snail is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based, experimental, punk band formed in 2012. To date, they’ve released 8 full-length albums and played dozens of shows around the East Coast.

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