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116 “Game On, Arrow Off!”

Season 2 of Cobra Kai drops and Adam starts drooling. The guys can’t wait to play the original SimCity on their $3000 PCs and then Dave gets his Star Wars geek on thinking about owning his own speeder bike! And stick around for this week’s Unsigned Music Spotlight!

Cobra Kai Season 2 Trailer Drops

Are you ready for more Cobra, more Kai? More Miyago-Do? More of one of the most iconic rivalries in all of cinema history? Of course you are., Keeping Classic Games Alive For PC

The group, being dubbed the digital archaeologists, have quite the history of taking even some of the earliest floppy disk based games and not only archiving them but making them playable on today’s modern PC’s.

Geek Off:

Round 3 of the #OGAvengersDebate to determine the BEST Avenger from the 2012 film.

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digitalSoup Unsigned Spotlight:

This Week’s Track – “Heirlooming” by Norphlet

NORPHLET is an electric alt-rock duo operating 1,400 miles apart.Based in Waco, TX and Los Angeles, CA, the outfit is made up of vocalist/guitarist Cody Brown and drummer Taylor Devorsky. NORPHLET was formed as a decision to craft a style more in-line with the pair’s influences. The result was a sound firmly rooted in rock, with alternative leanings and a punk sensibility.

Check them out on their Facebook Webpage

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