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120 The AAF & Blu-Ray Get KO’d But Mike Tyson Didn’t Do It!

This week the guys discuss the rise and fall of the Alliance of American Football, Microsoft finally relenting on the forced Windows 10 updates, Mike Tyson still angry with Nintendo, the death of Blu-Ray technology and much more!

AAF Abruptly Ends Season

With only two weeks left in the debut season of the AAF it is all over. Even after the bailout by billionaire Tom Dundon the league still had no money. When the players where told last tuesday the league had folded their paychecks went unpaid, they had to pay for their own hotel rooms and travel home. Lets hope the rebirth of the XFL can fair better.

No More Forced Windows 10 Updates!

No longer will your perfectly working Windows 10 PC auto update to the latest version that completely borks your system. Now you can wait for the bugs to be completely worked out before upgrading.

Mike Tyson Is Still Angry With Nintendo!

Everyone remembers trying to beat Mike Tyson at the end of Punch Out and it not going so well. It didn’t go so well for Mike either, after his contract expired with Nintendo they re-issues the game without his name and likeness and replaced him with a white boxer named Mr. Dream. And Mike still isn’t over it!

NBA Stars Don’t Want To Play With Lebron James In Movies!

LeBron James is reportedly having a hard time trying to find other NBA stars for Space Jam 2. James famously moved out to California to get into the entertainment business and started playing with the Los Angeles Lakers. Landing the Space Jam sequel is a huge opportunity, but apparently some of the bigger NBA stars don’t feel that way.

Samsung Is Killing Blu-Ray!

Even though 4K streaming does not match the quality of a 4K Blu-Ray most consumers do not care, as the number of streaming subscribers prove. With Samsung not showing off any new Blu-Ray players again this year (the last one they released was 2017) they have now officially announced they have left the Blu-Ray player market. Is Blu-Ray about to go the way of DVD?

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