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124 Adobe, Sonic & Avengers: Endgame Review

The guys have a head of steam as they navigate into some spoilerific Avenger: Endgame talk. But first they do double duty on a couple Adobe Photoshop stories and then rant about their favorite blue erinaceidae. Plus they have some great mobile app recommendations for the listeners.

Photoshop Plug-In Instantly Removes Background

No more removing background by hand, now a plug-in for Photoshop does all the heavy lifting. But the free version (yes, it is a subscription) will only allow you to remove one background from and HD image a month for free!

Speaking Of Photoshop …

Adobe is now testing the doubling of the price for the Photoshop and Lightroom bundle, going from $10 to $20. They have removed the 20GB option (the $10 plan) from the website and the bottom tier is now the 1TB plan for $20.

Sonic Is Already Getting A Reboot

After the trailer for the new Sonic The Hedgehog movie debuted the internet cried out in unison on the look of Sonic. Well the studio has heard your cries and director Jeff Fowler said the redesign is going to happen. Now see if there is something you can do to make Jim Carret kiij nire kuje Dr. Robotnik.

digitalSoup Unsigned Spotlight:

This Week’s Track – “The Masquerade” by A Joker’s Rage

A Joker’s Rage are a fusion rock band representing the North of England. They formed in 2013 and their mime/joker appearance only serves as a catalyst towards their philosophy of escaping the harsh realities of life through music. It’s called #GameFace. A ‘war paint’ attitude fighting against society’s pitfalls and often rebelling against the higher powers of greed who prey on the weak. The bottom line being, this band need no gimmicks!”

Check them out on their Facebook Page.

digitalSoup App Recommendations Of The Week

Jason: Google Opinion Rewards: Android
Adam: Inkhunter: iOS, Android
Dave: Launchpad: iOS

Geek Off:

Where’s The Geek-Off?!?!?!

Avengers: Endgame Has Surpassed 2 Billion Worldwide! (And Our Take On The Movie)

This Juggernaut (see what I did there) is on the path to be the most profitable movie of all time! Then the guys spend five minutes to give their feelings on the movie!

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