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131 Spotify Kills!

Its a crazy week for news beginning with Netflix canceling Good Omens, Stranger Things monsters speak, the hype surrounding the next generation of gaming consoles, McDonalds hiring robots, Spotify killing features and then Keanu Reeves starring in the MCU.

Netflix Promises Not To Make Any More Episodes Of ‘Good Omens’

Taking stupid internet comments in stride after a strong reaction to the TV series Good Omens, Netflix promises to never make any more episodes of Good Omens. The show is based off of the best selling book by Authors Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett about an angel and a demon trying to stop the anti-christ from destroying the world because they enjoy their life on earth.

The Monsters Have Voices?

The final trailer for Season 3 of Stranger Things has dropped and the big news is that the monsters of the Upsidedown now have voices.

PS5 and Project Scarlett Hype, Is It Time To Get Excited?

With more and more details coming out surrounding the upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft, that hype train is gaining a lot of steam. But according to SlashGear, it may be a BIT premature. So what’s the big deal with these two systems?

Is McDonalds Helping To Usher In A Robot Takeover Of The World?

The company is quietly testing the idea of adding robots to it’s workforce but insist it’s not to TAKE jobs from people. Rather, they claim, the robots are there to do nothing more than HELP the employees. Resistance is futile.

Spotify Kills Two Popular Features In Latest Update.

queue internet outrage With it’s latest update 2 very popular features in Spotify were changed/removed and people are furious. Can you survive the Spotifypocalypse?

Marvel Studios Wants Keanu Reeves In The MCU, But As Who?

When news broke that Marvel had tried on almost every film to lure Keanu to the MCU the internet love of all things Keanu skyrocketed again. But I think we need to ask ourselves a more important question… who would we want to see John Wick himself portrayed in the sprawling MCU?

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