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133 Stranger Dead Gaming

This week the guys talk about Amazon and third party sellers, the Walking Dead ends, and a battle between PCs and consoles, all before going upside-down with the first episode of Stranger Things Season 3!

Court Rules Amazon May Not Be Protected Any Longer

They’ve been protected under the same laws that protect Twitter and Facebook. Laws stating they are not responsible for what users “post” to their site. That meant that up until now, if you bought something that ended up being dangerously faulty, you couldn’t sue Amazon. Now the courts have ruled that not being responsible for what users SAY on a website(such as with FB and Twitter) is much different than what users SELL via your website. Good news for consumers, bad news for Amazon. 

The Walking Dead Comes To An Abrupt End

It seems Robert Kirkman has decided enough is enough, killing off the comic after an epic run! AMC says the show will not be impacted at this time. 

PC Or Console, What Is The Better Gaming Platform?

With news breaking daily about new consoles coming from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony and gaming on the PC being bigger than it ever has been before now is the perfect time for the guys at digitalSoup to pick the BGST (Best Gaming System Today)!  This is a non-scientific look by three guys whose opinions don’t matter but are passionate about what they like!

Windows 1.11 – Back To The Upside Down

Jason connected these dots a little while back on Twitter, but Windows has put out an app in the Microsoft app store for Windows 10 users to enjoy a taste of the Upside Down… Windows style.

Stranger Things S03E01 Break Down

Is Suzie Real?  Will Mike and Eleven ever stop kissing?  Is Billy dead?

digitalSoup App Recommendations Of The Week

Jason: 1Password –  macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome

Adam: Our Groceries Android/iOS

Usually Dave: Contrast by Hornbeck – Dave’s Review 

Geek Off:

Best Action Heroes Of The 80s!

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