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It’s been another week so we are bringing you some fresh Soup for your enjoyment!   The guys cover a couple gaming stories followed by some movie talk, sprinkled with some music news!  And who is this in the studio?

Best Retro Experience … Official Retro Machines or Emulation? 

The Retro Revolution is upon us and the official classic consoles have been hit or miss.  When it comes to retro gaming, do you get a better experience from official hardware or do it yourself systems made from SoC or straight up running on a PC?

Fan Art Depicts Older Keanu As Neo

The internet is abuzz with excitement as everyone speculates on where the story is going in the fourth installment of Matrix and one fan decided to show what Keanu today would look like as Neo and it is pretty cool.

 Who Will Be The New Wolverine?  WhatCulture Has Some Ideas!

These are some crazy casting choices … or are they?

  1. Daniel Radcliffe
  2. Luke Evans
  3. Wilson Bethel
  4. Joaquin Phoenix
  5. Tadanobu Asano

If not them then who?

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls For Mobile!

Finally, after all the failed 3D updates to Castlevania we are getting a side scrolling throwback to yesteryear and it does look great.  Hopefully the controls are good on mobile!

iTunes Is Dead, Long Live Apple Streaming In A Browser

Now that iTunes has been decommissioned you can now listen to your playlists and Beats1 Radio right from your browser!

Telltale Games Will Be Making A Comeback! 

After the studio shut down unexpectedly last year due to poor management, many of us were left with incomplete series (like Jason who only had the first four episodes of Minecraft Story Mode).  Thankfully a group of investors purchases all the company’s assets and plans to relaunch here in the future!

digitalSoup App Recommendations Of The Week

Jason:  Sega Forever Games – Android, iOS

Adam: Sword of XolanAndroid, iOS

Usually Dave: Scanner Radio – Android, iOS


Geek Off:

Its random question time!

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