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145 My Spider Sense Is Telling Me Spider-Man Is Nearby!

Soups on with another great episode! We do some legal talk with the Joycon Drift class action lawsuit followed by some massive thread counts for AMD.  We discuss Spider-Mans return to the MCU and finish up with a whole lotta plugging for Adam & Usually Dave’s side project! Oh and the return of a little something we like to call Souper Fights!

The Switch Lite Also Has Joycon Drift!

After only one week on the market the new Switch Lite has been added to the class action lawsuit again Nintendo for Joycon drift.  Joycon drift is where the analog stick registers slight movement even when not being touched. As you can imagine this plays havoc with gaming.

Usually Dave’s “Where have all the B-Movies Gone” article on Medium

That’s right, you needed more Usually Dave in your life and now you can follow him writing on! This article is a long form essay about the demise and disappearance of the non Blockbuster movie brands. 


Adam’s new podcast bringing the best sci-fi stories to you in beautiful audiobook form each week!

Two Threads Per Core?   “Hold my beer” said Zen 3!

Rumor has it that the new Zen 3 processors will have four threads per core instead of the standard two.  Adam can finally stick with his dual core love and have a total of eight threads!

Spider-Man Will Remain In The MCU!

The third Tom Holland solo Spider-Man movie will be released in 2021 and he is also scheduled for a future MCU movie also!


Usually Dave’s weekly show exploring the world of creativity one conversation at a time!

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Adam: Tuner Lite by PiascoreiOS

Usually Dave: Medium – iOS, Android

Geek Off:

Souper Fights EPIC Battle Number Two!

Round One:
Literally Insane Clown Posse that are tweens that are agoraphobic


An Eagle with a top half of a velociraptor that throws fireballs


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