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148 Tarantino and Asteroids – Souper Review: Heat!

The Adam & Usually Dave show is really hitting its stride, just like an asteroid hits the earth!  Wanna become Arthur Fleck and get robbed on a famous stairway, then you need to head to the Bronx!  Quentin Tarantino doesn’t need any of that Chinese money as he sticks to his artistic view and will not edit his movie to appease the Chinese government.  And finally the guys sit down to discuss the 1995 movie Heat!

A 6-year-old Minnesota boy who had been missing for nearly 10 hours was spotted safe in a cornfield thanks to a drone.  The drone used heat-seeking technology to find the boy.

There Is An Asteroid In Orbit, Cue The R.E.M. Song!

Get your Collapse OS ready as you may need it sooner than you think!  The asteroid’s name is 481394 2006 SF6 and is set for its closest approach to Earth on November 21. The 650 metre celestial chunk is classified as an Apollo asteroid, the most dangerous class of asteroid, having an Earth-crossing orbit. There is also the chance that it could be nudged much closer by the Yarkovsky effect.

Get Your Picture On The “Joker Stairs” … And Get Robbed!

A staircase in New York City has become a surprise tourist attraction after it was featured in the movie “Joker.” While fans are apparently flocking to the location to recreate scenes from the film, some locals are taking to social media to remind people that the area might not be the safest.

Quentin Tarantino Will Not Re-Cut Once Upon A Time In Hollywood For China

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood brings several cinematic idols to life, including the legendary Chinese star Bruce Lee. However, the film portrays him as an arrogant egomaniac who talks crap about Muhammad Ali and can’t win in a series of fights against Brad Pitt’s Cliff Booth. An appeal to halt the release came from one of the film’s biggest critics: Bruce Lee’s daughter.  Quentin Tarantino came out saying he will not edit the film for a Chinese release. DISCUSSION – Should studios edit movies to enter foreign markets?

Souper Review – Heat (1995)

It’s Memory-Minute Time!

Jason:  Burno & Boots Series by Gordon Korman

Adam: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Usually Dave: The Heritage of Shannara: Scions; Druid; Elf Queen and Talismans by Del Rey

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