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161 – EA Breeding Competition?

It’s that time of the week again and the guys are again back in full force!  They first discuss Dave’s new adventure in edit streaming with Lightroom. Then Dave is furious he can no longer check how many likes his Instagram posts get.  Next, Dave reminds us that Harold Ramis is dead and then he chastises Adobe for their gaping hole! Lastly Dave is excited to buy Madden 2020 directly from Steam!  Soup is served!


Wanna Edit Like Dave?  Now You Can Learn His Secrets!

Adobe is adding live streaming to it’s apps so everyone can see your editing sessions and learn how you remove them nasty skin tags from your uncle’s face!

Instagram Started Hiding Likes This Week

Major changes came to Instagram this week.  The social media platform is now hiding likes from the public. The company is testing whether reducing popularity contests will make a safer online environment for users.

The Gangs Almost All Here For The Ghostbusters Reboot

Set for summer 2020 the Ghostbusters will ride again with everyone reprising their roles except for Harold Ramis (but he is a writer on the movie).  Sorry lady Ghostbusters but this is the real sequel to our favorite movies!

Adobe Left The Cloud Wide Open!

Last month, Adobe was the victim of a serious security incident that exposed the personal information of nearly 7.5 million users belonging to the company’s popular Creative Cloud service. Nothing was compromised but the ability was there.  Haven’t they learned from their 2013 Breach that exposed over 150 million accounts? 

Is EA Returning To Steam?

Years after branching out with Origin, it looks like EA might soon start publishing its games on Steam again.  Would make sense with the return of Madden to the PC that they would want to get in front of more gamers eyes!

It’s Memory-Minute Time!

Your favorite top three TERRIBLE PERFORMANCES from Nicolas Cage

Jason:  Kick Ass!, Wicker Man, Deadfall (Honorable Mention – Ghost Rider)

Adam: Conair, FaceOff, Left Behind

Usually Dave: Wicker Man, Ghost Rider, Vampire’s Kiss

NEXT WEEK:  Top 3 Fave Boozes 

digitalSoup App Recommendations Of The Week

Jason:  MoneyView – Android

Adam: NO APP

Usually Dave: NFL Fantasy App – Android,  iOS 

Geek Off: On Hiatus

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