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163 Half-Life, James Bond & XFL

When the guys get together chaos ensues!  This week they discuss the new addition to the Half-Life franchise then jump into their cryopods!  Daniel Craig is moving on from James Bond and the XFL winner has already been announced. And don’t forget to stick around for the next battle in our Geek Off!  Soup it does a body good!

We Are Getting A New Half-Life But Not The One We Want 

Not only are the specs needed to play the Half-Life: Alyx a little more strict than most VR games (minimum of quad core i5) but you need to buy a VR headset also (cheapest is $200).  This makes it an expensive game for Half-Life fans. Why couldn’t we just get a standard Half-Life installment, it’s been 13 years! 

Suspended Animation Might Become A Reality!

Doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Center are putting people in suspended animation for the first time. Doctors aren’t just asking people off the street to go into medical hibernation, but people who arrive at the hospital with serious trauma like a gunshot or stab wound might undergo the procedure. 

Daniel Craig Only Had One More In Him!

Daniel Craig, who’s portrayed James Bond for well over a decade, confirmed on Friday’s Late Show that the upcoming “No Time to Die” will be his last Bond film.

Jason’s Dallas Renegades To Take XFL Championship!

According to Bet Online the Dallas Renegades are currently favored to win the XFL Championship in 2020.  The XFL Championship game will be played on April 26. Below are the odds from Bet Online:

XFL 2020 Championship Betting Odds:

Dallas Renegades                3/1       

New York Guardians       4/1       

LA Wildcats                             5/1       

Tampa Bay Vipers                   5/1       

Houston Roughnecks             15/2     

DC Defenders                          8/1       

Seattle Dragons                      10/1     

St. Louis Battle Hawks           10/1    


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