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178 Top 10 Most Overrated Movies

We’ve all been there. People raving about how that movie is the BEST MOVIE EVER. Yet when you finally watch it you’re left hugely disappointed. That’s right, the guys are tackling the Top 10 Most Overrated Movies according to a list from user Drive_Home on! Will they agree or tear this list to shreds? 

The Ramen:

  1. Is the iPad Pro getting a much requested feature?
  2. Lady Gaga’s new video “Shot on iPhone”… kind of. 
  3. Jordan Peele’s new Candyman trailer drops
  4. Monster Hunter movie looks to add Final Fantasy VII style huge weapons
  5. Fictional Building Size Comparison to real life! 
  6. Best FREE PC games according to PCGamesN

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Main Topic:  

So often the biggest and most referenced movies are also hugely overrated. We’re going to break down what calls the 10 MOST overrated movies of all time!

Main topic links referenced:

50 most overrated movies – IMDb

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