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Donner Looper Pedal and Footnote Amp Demo

A short time back, Adam talked about both the Footnote Amp he used to make a sweet practice amp out of an ammo can as well as the Donner Looper Pedal he uses for creating fun music loops while playing guitar. Now he’s put together a quick demo video for us so we can see how it all works together!

It’s a sweet little setup that adds a ton of versatility to your guitar practice setup while also giving a tremendous boost to the cool factor via making your own custom amp!

Check his video here:

If you want to hear him talk about the Footnote Amp and Donner Looper pedal in more detail, you’ll find those discussions here in his recommendations in these two episodes:

Footnote Amp Recommended in Episode 174 : The End of an Era

Donner Looper Pedal Recommended in Episode 179 : Souper Review – The Lobster

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