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181 Top 10 Bad-A$$ American Cryptids

What are we answering that you didn’t ask this week? Tune in as we tackle some of the most popular questions we could find before tackling the big question of the week, what are the top 10 most bad-a$$ cryptids in America? Beyond Bigfoot, let’s find out what MIGHT be out there!

digitalSoup Recommendations:


  1. Weston Pasta Machine
  2. Back to the Shack – Weezer

Usually Dave: 

  1. Knives Out
  2. Mr. Crowley-Live by Ozzy Osborne from the album Tribute(1981)

The biggest question:

What are The Top 10 Most Metal American Cryptids? Bigfoot? As if! THESE guys are gunning for the top spot!

Based on a list by Benjamin Welton on Metal Injection at

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