132 Here Comes Stranger Things

To all the Soup-a-maniacs out there we bring you another great episode full of great information.  The war between AMD and Intel just got interesting, Google Maps gets itself muddy and Netflix is doing DC after Marvel ditched them! Is Wikipedia Trying to Organize A Strike? The founder of Wikipedia, Dr. Larry Sanger, is trying…

131 Spotify Kills!

Its a crazy week for news beginning with Netflix canceling Good Omens, Stranger Things monsters speak, the hype surrounding the next generation of gaming consoles, McDonalds hiring robots, Spotify killing features and then Keanu Reeves starring in the MCU.

127 Souper Reviews – Sicario

This week we’re diving into the 2015 film, Sicario, for our Souper Review! Starring Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro and tackling the subject of how best to deal with drug cartels! Of course we can’t have movie night without some food, so we’ve got some pizza and burger discussion to kick things off!