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193 Souper Review – 1917

It’s movie review time! This month we had a chance to sit down with the Sam Mendes film from 2019, that’s right, it’s 1917! Of course we’re answering some great questions and we’ve made a few terrific recommendations for you all as well! … Continue reading193 Souper Review – 1917

188 Souper Review : Falling Down

We’re giving the classic Michael Douglas film from 1993, Falling Down, the Souper Review treatment this week! Will we love it or hate it? You’ll have to listen to find out! Of course before the review we’re answering more of the biggest questions you, the internet, has to offer! … Continue reading188 Souper Review : Falling Down

179 Souper Review : The Lobster

A while back we mentioned a strange sounding movie called ‘The Lobster’ starring Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz. So we figured, as we bring back Souper Reviews, let’s tackle a look at this insane sounding film! … Continue reading179 Souper Review : The Lobster

149 Souper Review: Masters of the Universe

It’s Soup Season! The guys are joined by Vincent from Because We Make podcast for a discussion on a very bad movie from the 80’s. But first they have to bash Kanye West and Led Zepplin for their musical theft then they discuss their favorite games from the Playstation 1 and back! … Continue reading149 Souper Review: Masters of the Universe

147 I’m Getting Too Old For this S#!T – Souper Review Lethal Weapon

The Adam & Usually Dave kitchen is open for business! The guys discuss how you will be able to check Facebook once civilization ends. Then they examine the problems going on over at Atari. And what’s this … a Souper Review of Lethal Weapon? Ahhhhh yeah! … Continue reading147 I’m Getting Too Old For this S#!T – Souper Review Lethal Weapon