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Episode 044 “As if! The 1985 special!”

In a very special bonus episode Usually Dave has a crazy dream that the digitalSoup team had a radio show back in the 80’s! Buckle up because we’re taking the kitchen back to 1985 in this time traveling bonus episode to make a vintage batch of digitalSoup! … Continue readingEpisode 044 “As if! The 1985 special!”

Episode 043 “Going Long with Special Guest Mac Sokulski”

It’s a jam packed episode with our special guest Mac, from the Shutter Time with Sid and Mac photo podcast! With topics ranging from Microsoft killing product lines, Instagram on your desktop and a Superman Mustache petition to a ton of new movie trailers, some great tips for pc gaming with integrated video cards, Halloween DIY Hacks and an awesome Giveaway for you, our Souper Friends! We hope your hungry because it’s a hearty Soup this week! … Continue readingEpisode 043 “Going Long with Special Guest Mac Sokulski”

Episode 040 “Si, Cleaner, you’ve been hacked.”

The guys ring in their 40th episode by looking back at some of the tech innovations and geek happenings from 40 years ago, umm Star Wars anybody?! They also touch base on news from Amazon and Google both having new smart home devices on the horizon, will Nintendo get in bed with Netflix and of course some fun movie news to finish up the turning 40 celebration! … Continue readingEpisode 040 “Si, Cleaner, you’ve been hacked.”