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124 Adobe, Sonic & Avengers: Endgame Review

The guys have a head of steam as they navigate into some spoilerific Avenger: Endgame talk. But first they do double duty on a couple Adobe Photoshop stories and then rant about their favorite blue erinaceidae. Plus they have some great mobile app recommendations for the listeners. … Continue reading124 Adobe, Sonic & Avengers: Endgame Review

Episode 049 “Backflipping Ninja Robot Soldiers”

It’s a holiday sized helping of digitalSoup this week as the guys cover everything from the OnePlus 5T phone, the largest digital camera in the world and backflipping robots all before getting into a great discussion about smartwatches for kids and the pros and cons of owning versus subscribing your software. Of course no Soup is complete without a dash of movie and gaming talk, a little Justice League and Animal Crossing fit the bill this week, and a mesmerizing weekly garnish will, as always, leave you geek hunger satisfied! … Continue readingEpisode 049 “Backflipping Ninja Robot Soldiers”