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Episode 106 “Marvel and A.I. and Aladdin … Oh My (George Takei) “

Dave and Adam had so much fun last week that they decided they don’t need Jason anymore and gave him the night off! The start off talking about Disney going full Marvel then talking about toys spoiling the plots of Marvel movies. Then Adam removes a rocket from his picture using AI then Dave gushes all over the Little Mermaid and how it is so much better than the new Aladdin.  Oh and they both talk about cookies for another hour! … Continue readingEpisode 106 “Marvel and A.I. and Aladdin … Oh My (George Takei) “

Episode 097 “The Eager Beaver and Facebook Portal”

This week, the 3 amigos rail against the upcoming Facebook Portal, then they talk about a bunch of other stuff, including a very expensive Sega Genesis and AI digitized faces. They cap the episode with great free channels from Roku, then battle it out between a ninja beaver and a mad scientist! … Continue readingEpisode 097 “The Eager Beaver and Facebook Portal”

Episode 083 “Books & Birds in the Library at Castle Rock”

This week the guys dive into an anatomy book…by Batman, discuss Birds of Prey and Margot Robbie and the first full trailer for Castle Rock looking all awesome! After a fun Geek Off we talk about companies erasing and eliminating things, stick a fork in these topics because they are done! … Continue readingEpisode 083 “Books & Birds in the Library at Castle Rock”

Episode 065 “Speeding Towards Skynet”

Nintendo brings big announcements, LP’s eliminated at iTunes, and scary AI meets creepy Alexa! After an ethics fueled Geek Off, it’s time for movie and tv talk with news from Star Wars, Men in Black and Jessica Jones! … Continue readingEpisode 065 “Speeding Towards Skynet”