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115 “You’re Killing Me, Thunderclap!”

The guys discuss the Thunderclap vulnerability, try to figure out the insane people behind the Momo Challenge, reminisce about a portable system none of them have, Apex becoming king of the Battle Royale and then get excited for the return of a great baseball movie! … Continue reading115 “You’re Killing Me, Thunderclap!”

Episode 110 “Souper Reviews – The Italian Job”

It’s been a while but we are back with a slightly tweaked formula for our monthly movie review installment called Souper Reviews with a re-watch of The Italian Job! Of course we’ve got a couple quick news items to touch on AND we’re crowning our Best Batman Film in our #BestBatFilmDebate Geek Off! … Continue readingEpisode 110 “Souper Reviews – The Italian Job”