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Episode 081 “Ad-pocalypse and Lightsabers vs Vibranium”

This week Segway shows us the Drift W1 E-Skates, Spotify taking a run at Apple, Halo to hit Showtime with a new TV series, a super geeky “Geek Off” where we debate a Lightsaber vs Vibranium and then George R.R. Martin has time to write lists of book recommendations but no time to finish his own book, but his lists are decent. … Continue readingEpisode 081 “Ad-pocalypse and Lightsabers vs Vibranium”

Episode 064 “Getting Social On The Moon”

It’s all about social media changes this week as Twitter adds new features, Vero goes True Social and there may soon be 4G coverage on the moon! Plus Streaming services may be in trouble and Jason time travels to 2013! … Continue readingEpisode 064 “Getting Social On The Moon”

Episode 056 “Meltdown over Spectre While Roku Rocks On”

A ton of tech news this week as there are new security threats to nearly every device, Intel teaming up with AMD, Roku is set to take on wireless home audio and that’s just the beginning! Trouble at IGN and Spotify, is Apple looking to buy Netflix and some great X-Files and TV talk before we finish with a souper fascinating and terrifying new book about Anesthesia. We hope you brought your appetites because it’s a big helping of Soup this week! … Continue readingEpisode 056 “Meltdown over Spectre While Roku Rocks On”