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Episode 103 “Marvelous Pill TikToks Off The Weight”

This week the guys discover a pill that will let Adam eat 100 Big Macs, the Playstation Classic receives less than stellar reviews, a couple great Captain Marvel stories, predators are on TikTok and then a battle of Books vs. Movies. … Continue readingEpisode 103 “Marvelous Pill TikToks Off The Weight”

Episode 082 “Goose-Busters”

On today‚Äôs episode, the guys discuss smart bandages, data security with fitness apps, and Captain Marvel. They also play a might game of Movie Quote Madness, and decide who to recast in some of their favorite films. Who ya gonna call? GOOSE BUSTERS! … Continue readingEpisode 082 “Goose-Busters”