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197 Ten Horrific Events on Movie Sets

We all love a good movie, but sometimes some truly terrible things happen on the set while the film is being made. Hope you aren’t queasy as we tackle 10 of the most horrific events that have happened behind the scenes on movie sets. … Continue reading197 Ten Horrific Events on Movie Sets

193 Souper Review – 1917

It’s movie review time! This month we had a chance to sit down with the Sam Mendes film from 2019, that’s right, it’s 1917! Of course we’re answering some great questions and we’ve made a few terrific recommendations for you all as well! … Continue reading193 Souper Review – 1917

179 Souper Review : The Lobster

A while back we mentioned a strange sounding movie called ‘The Lobster’ starring Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz. So we figured, as we bring back Souper Reviews, let’s tackle a look at this insane sounding film! … Continue reading179 Souper Review : The Lobster

175 The Impact of Today’s Tech On Our Children

Back in our day we didn’t have all this fancy technology! And now Adam and Usually Dave are going to discuss the impact that today’s technological age is having on our children compared to what tech we had to navigate in our younger days. … Continue reading175 The Impact of Today’s Tech On Our Children