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Episode 079 “Expo of Entertainment, Electronically!”

This week the guys break down all the announcements of E3 2018 including listing the games they are most hyped about. Jason keeps interrupting everyone, Adam makes an inappropriate joke, Dave won’t stop talking about Solid Snake and special guest Chris crashes the show with his own take on E3! … Continue readingEpisode 079 “Expo of Entertainment, Electronically!”

Episode 062 “Apple brings the White Rings, people are Kung Furious”

Busy episode this week with Windows update news, security warnings on cell phones, Apple continues it’s string of black eyes and Insel tries to game the Steam system and loses! Plus Karate Kid is coming back while Kung Fury gets the feature treatment! All this and a few “secret” ingredients this week so give it a taste while it’s hot! The digitalSoup is on! … Continue readingEpisode 062 “Apple brings the White Rings, people are Kung Furious”

Episode 047 “#SweatyWater – Rylo Ken Sells a Honda Accord”

Welcome back to the kitchen where the guys cover some major ground, starting with the new Razer phone, a new video camera option and a whole bunch of gaming news. Plus a great list for all of you Stranger Things fans and a great app for mobile photo and video editing. The pantry is fully stocked and the Soup is ready, we hope you’re hungry! … Continue readingEpisode 047 “#SweatyWater – Rylo Ken Sells a Honda Accord”